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Home Staging – An Important Marketing Strategy

Getting the best possible price for your home , as quickly as possible, is a common goal of most sellers. Keeping your home in great shape for those critical showings must be seen as a priority by everyone in the family. 1. A dirty and/or untidy home will discourage many buyers because this seems to […]

Proper Buyer Protocol at a Home Showing

I have recently run into a couple of incidents where buying clients of other Realtors have not acted with discretion. The number one issue seems to be bringing children to a showing and not maintaining control of their behavior in the house being shown. Children do not always act with discretion when in a new […]

How to Transfer Ownership of Family Home at the Death of a Parent.

The simplest way to transfer ownership of a family home on the death of a surviving parent is to sign a legal agreement that places a family member, or members as co-owners of the property prior to the actual death. In order for this to work in the interests of all of the family members […]

Getting Your Home Ready for Selling

Get the most for your money and concentrate on the areas of highest return in your home –Kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, special finishes and appliances. Look for needed repairs to waterproofing, roofing, chimneys; buyers do not want to have to invest big time in their new home. Focus on little things – You can spruce […]

How to Prepare Your Home for an Apprasial

A critical factor in selling your home for the best price or any price is the appraisal that is provided to the mortgaging institution as a prerequisite to mortgage approval. The list price must be within the current market range. Appraisers come up with a value by comparing your home to recently sold homes. A […]

Should I Leave Room for Negotiation in my Asking Price?

The answer to the above question is a definite NO! The longer, more reasoned answer follows. Leaving room for negotiation in your list price is flawed thinking for at least two significant reasons. First of all you are inviting a low ball offer. The buying Realtor will be able to determine that the price is […]

Why Does Our Home Appraise Less Than a Similar Home?

I have had many Clients ask me; ” why does our home appraise less than my neighbor’s home, it is almost exactly the same?” There are actually many reasons for two similar homes appraising at different values. The primary reason is the recent renovations completed in the competing home. Keeping your home updated and “modern” […]

Should I Have a Pre-Sale Inspection of my Home?

Having a pre-sale inspection of your home will almost always lead to a better selling price for your home. There are several important considerations when making this decision. Knowing the actual condition of your home from a professional perspective will serve you well. Getting prior notice of minor/ major repairs can avoid surprises. A pre-inspection […]

What You Should know About Radon

The following article is submitted for your information. It was originally posted by the Edmonton Real Estate Board What is Radon? Radon is a tasteless, odourless and invisible radioactive gas that results from decaying uranium, and is a leading cause of lung cancer. What happens? Radon filters up from the ground and into the air. […]

Exterior Improvements are a Good Investment for Homeowners

A review of information regarding the value of investing in improvements to your home often fail to recognize the real value of making improvements on the exterior of your home. One of the most effective means of increasing the value of your home is to invest in improved landscaping, including the building of a unique […]

Will My Home Sell in the Winter Months?

The cold weather does not mean that the Real Estate Market has closed down, but rather that it has changed somewhat due to the weather. In this mobile economy there are always people being transferred, taking on new jobs and a host of other reasons for relocating. It is true that during the winter months […]